how to use snapseed

How to increase quality of a photo in snapseed?

Are you a selfie addict who likes to take selfies and post them on your social media accounts?? Are you looking for the best apps to edit your selfie so that you will get maximum likes and comments? Don’t worry we are here to guide you through the process of increasing the quality of your photos through a special app called SNAPSEED. Let’s get started.

Snapseed photo editing app for free which has been in use to bring out the best out of your photos. Snapseed is one of the user friendly apps which is laid out in a simple manner. There are numerous options through which you can make your photo look elegant without the use of any photoshop. Let’s first start by selecting one photo from your gallery and then you will find three buttons at the bottom of the screen – Looks, Tools and Export. 

Looks option is used to swipe with the available filters to change the initial look of the picture you selected. There is another option in which you can create your own filter and make your photo look as you wanted.

Tools option is mainly used to edit the photo to the maximum extent and get a picture perfect photo like a pro. Brightness and contrast options can be seen which are operated using the numeric values by sliding the screen to your left or right according to your requirement. Saturation is another option found which helps in making the colours more vibrant. Using other options like ambience, warmth, highlights and shadows you can completely change the look of the photo which you can compare with the original one on the screen. You can anytime undo the change which you feel is not necessary for the editing process.

improve quality of photo using snapseed

Then comes the structuring of your photo which adds a wow factor to your photo, but make sure not to over emphasize as it loses the originality of the photo. Sharpening is found in the tools section which will improve the quality of minute details in the surroundings of your photo. HDR scape is used to add the instant visual effects if required mostly when the photograph is taken somewhere in nature which will enhance the beauty of the background.

The grain option can be used to bring the vintage look to your photo and take your viewer to the past. Also using the crop option to crop your photo to avoid unnecessary backdrops. Then comes the perspective tool which is used to fill in the gaps at the edges of the photo. Also use the temperature or white balance option which can change a dull blue colour to a cool blue which can change the entire look of the photograph. An orange tint can also be added by sliding the bar to the left or right accordingly.

Finally there is a healing tool which can be used to remove small objects in the photo or to smooth the blemishes or spots on the skin. And the final product is your edited high quality picture. Never be afraid of using any tool in the snapseed as all the options come with an undo button so that nothing is lost while using it.

Snapseed always stands out from its competitors as it is the best app among the free editing apps available. Enjoy snapseed to get best quality pictures which comes with huge editing options.