how to know if your link building efforts are working

How to know if your link building efforts are working or backfiring?

Ask anyone about how to have a successful business today and you’ll hear, “have a website first”. But how do have a successful website today? It requires good quality content, excellent web design, flawless SEO, and quality link building. And we all know how hard it is to create backlinks. This is why we hire experts. When we talk about Link Building Services, United Kingdom has seen a huge rise.

The reason? High digital competition. It has become tough to survive without expertise. The PerfectLinkBuilding United Kingdom told us how to handle link building and know if it is working or not.

Do not feel disheartened if you find your link building is not working. Listen to Trump speaking about human rights and laugh a bit. And once you feel good, get on working.

How to know if link building is working or wailing?

How to know if link building is working or wailing

Let us reveal to you the best thing first – having backlinks is not enough. The backlinks must have some features to serve you some favor. Here are some of the qualities that a good backlink should have

  • It must be coming from a high DA and PA scored website.
  • The source website must come under the same business niche.
  • The older the domain, the higher its chances of being an authority.
  • CCtld matters a bit.
  • Backlinks must either be natural or look natural.

And once you have all these qualities, you somehow make sure that things will work. But we all know that link building takes time. Thus, we cannot wait to see results and make some adjustments in this highly changing world.

We must know how to assess the quality of backlinks beforehand. One good way is to look for link-building services in the United Kingdom. This way you’ll be able to focus on the other important areas of your business and leave the things to the experts.

Not all good services cost millions. But this does not mean you should not know how things work.

When we talk about link building, there are many factors that assess high-quality backlinks. We have spoken about some of these factors above. But you cannot really tell if things are working or not until you assess the same. Here is how you can know if your link-building efforts are working or backfiring.

1. Do a link building or backlink audit

Do a link building or backlink audit


Just because you have hired the link building services does not mean you are good to go, says Perfect Link-Building, United Kingdom. There are lots of scam companies around that lure those without the right knowledge. Whenever you look for a link-building company, make sure you cross-check before hiring one.

And when we talk about doing link building audit, we talk about assessing the backlinks and other links that have formed. Here is what a link audit does –

  • It shows the number of backlinks formed with a given website.
  • Link audit tells if a backlink is toxic to the website or beneficial.
  • Tells about the different HTTP errors that can harm a website. For example, it will tell you if there is a 301 error (redirection error), 404 error (broken or lost the link), etc.
  • It also tells you about the opportunities that are there to grab in link building.
  • There could also be potential linking errors in internal linking – link building audit tells about the same.

And then there are many other benefits that differ from tool to tool. There are many excellent third-party tools that let you do backlink audits with ease. If you do not want to spend on audit tools then you may look for expert link-building services (United Kingdom) to help your business out of this.

2. Check your website’s growth graph

Check your website's growth graph

Another good way to check if your efforts are working or not is to look at the graph of the website. Nothing is more factual than the actual results. Check if the organic traffic of your website is taking off from the runway or just running on the road.

The idea is to check for the organic traffic and not the overall traffic. Because we put efforts to increase the organic traffic, we would want to focus on that alone. Total traffic could be diluted with traffic coming from marketing campaigns and sponsored links.

This is not what you must be looking for. When link building works, the website starts to rank on search engines, told the PerfectLinkBuilding United Kingdom. This invites organic traffic. Look into it.

To check your website’s organic traffic, you need to take the help of Google analytics.

Open your Google Analytics profile. Make sure you have registered your domain name in Google Analytics. Go to the Acquisition section. Here you’ll find different types of traffic for your website. All you’ll need to do here is to filter it for organic results.

It will also show you different types of metrics like session rate, bounce rate, etc. Make use of them.

3. Check the position of your website for keywords

Check the position of your website for keywords

You create backlinks to rank for certain keywords. These keywords are what give you organic results. When the link-building campaign works, a website starts to rank for those keywords.

Organic results are another thing. Says the PerfectLinkBuilding United Kingdom, there could be chances that people are not searching much for those keywords. But whether the website is ranking for that keyword or not is important.

To do a keyword ranking analysis you need to take help from some third-party tools. They might cost you some but in the long run, will guide you towards better. For example, these tools will tell you if you are targeting the right keyword or not.

There could be a chance that you have made a mistake in keyword research. This means that your link-building campaign will go in vain too because you’ll be attracting the wrong customers.

Keyword research is extremely important for any business and should thus be revered. Always spend some time and effort on it. Take the help of experts to guide you through this tough terrain.


The thing to take note of is that link building is vital for any business. And this vital thing starts with good keyword research. When things start well, the rest of the fruits follow. If you are looking for link-building services in the United Kingdom, consult PLB for free. The success of a business in the digital age depends on how successful is it on the internet.