EE signal Booster for home

Improve Your Signal with EE Mobile Booster Signal

Thick walls, basements, and some types of glass can prevent good mobile signal coverage in your home. If you have been struggling to get good signal coverage, then consider improving your signal with the EE mobile boost signal device.

The device makes use of your home broadband connection to give you a fantastic reception around your property. It boosts your signal by plugging into the broadband router to create a link to your provider’s network.

Will EE mobile booster automatically improve my signal?

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Definitely, yes. The EE mobile booster has been designed to take an existing cellular network and boost it up to 32 times. It doesn’t matter how weak the signal is in your location. The device works well with all carriers, unlike Wi-Fi.

The device is also very useful in boosting the 3G network to a range of 15 meters. If you are within this range, you can make calls, surf the internet and send a text without experiencing any delays or disruptions. Besides, the EE mobile boost device can work with all Great Britain’s mobile providers.

 However, for you to get great reception, you may need a fixed broadband download speed of 512kbps and an upload speed of 256kbps. You will also need a spare Ethernet port in your router and a spare power supply near your router. Though it is not a must, you should own a 3G compatible phone on EE to experience better signal.

Using the EE mobile booster signal

EE signal Booster for mobile

Once you have activated the device, it will work automatically. It won’t need any other intervention to start boosting the EE mobile signal in your home or office. The device can also boost signals for multiple users at the same time. More than four people can make calls or send texts simultaneously while enjoying reliable signal coverage.

However, it would help if you always made calls within the range of signal coverage. If you wander too far, you may experience call drops or weak quality signals.

Moving away from home

If you move away from your property, you may not need the EE mobile signal booster, depending on the network coverage in your new location. If you find that you are still experiencing weak signals in your new place such as your office, you can have a new EE mobile booster signal device installed in your new area too.

Finally, it is time to start enjoying a strong communication network in your home or office. Ensure you install the EE mobile booster device in your property today. It will improve your signal up to 32 times.